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Institute of Public Health effectively supports the management of IT resources and services

Institute of Public Health has established a service center for the efficient management of processes in the IT department, which helps the organization to reduce operating costs and offers other benefits.

Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia (IVZ) is a national institution whose main purpose is to study, protect and increase the level of health of the population of the Republic of Slovenia. It does so by raising the awareness among the population and by using other preventive measures. In addition to the central role of public health activities in Slovenia, IVZ actively participates in international projects covering different areas of health and overall public health problems of the population. IVZ also offers expert level to support for health related decisions taken by the State at national and local level which have a direct or indirect impact on health.

The challenge

To establish a service center for efficient management of processes in IT department while reducing operating costs and maintaining a high level of service quality.


IBM SmartCloud Control Desk solution is used for comprehensive management of IT assets and services.


Implementation was carried out through various phases and steps. It started with support of IT services management and continued with implementation of service center that deals with services and incidents claims management. In the later stages the database management and data access were enabled, followed by installation of comprehensive management software on servers and computers.


Solution delivers cost and time savings, flexibility, compatibility and interoperability with other systems.

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