Lek implements Nagios/Icinga centralized monitoring system and proactive approach to problem solving

Effective IT support for manufacturing and business processes is critical to ensure business success and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Lek, d. d., a member of Sandoz Group, Novartis' generic division, is a pioneer in the field of biologics and belongs to the second largest generic drug manufacturer in the world. Slovenian, European and global generic pharmaceutical company develops, manufactures and markets efficient, safe and quality medicines - from standard generic to modern biological ones. The forward-looking company is characterized by its dynamic development and internationalization tendencies. Continuous and intensive growth, characterized by Lek's entire history, has escalated even more in the recent years.


An effective central control system for controlling the operation of the entire IT infrastructure is needed as it provides support, detects problems and offers immediate issues notifications.


The selected controling solution significantly simplified the discovery of problems and their causes. It also made planning infrastructure upgrades easier. 


- Nagios and Icinga products are used for   comprehensive monitoring of IT infrastructure and   services. Various open source modules and many   own addons were also used.

- AKCP controllers are used for facilities and   infrastructure monitoring.


  • The monitoring system currently watches over about 1,000 components where it monitors more than 1,200 operating parameters. Among the monitored are operations of servers, data silos, operating systems, networks (LAN, WAN), wireless access points, access control units, archiving solutions, document management systems, SCADA systems, uninterruptible power supply...


“The implementation of the IBM Maximo Asset Management system succeeded in establishing a well-functioning system in a relatively short time. It became the major system for asset management at Elektro Ljubljana d.d. The biggest issue was integration with the ERP and other external systems, which was successfully completed in cooperation with the contractor. As expected, this step was difficult but Troia, with its expertise, always found solutions.”

Matjaž Keršnik
IBM Maximo AM Project manager, Head of Asset Management Division,Operation @ Development of the Distribution Grid OU, Elektro Ljubljana d. d.

Last year alone, IBM Control Desk indirectly enabled us to reduce our reliance on external support so much that we saved a quarter of a million Euros.

Albert Črnologar M.Sc.
Head of Services Sector, Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration


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